When Mauro Picotto’s enormous New Time New Place landed in 2003, it came as one of the pioneering Italian techno producer’s most stunning tracks yet. 10 years on and it still sounds incredibly fresh and unlike any other track, fizzing with rampant synth energy, thumping beats and delightfully warped, ultra-melodic riffs. It’s lost none of its charisma or power over time, and still does the damage on a contemporary dancefloor. Great Stuff are bringing back this classic for a new generation, along with three immense remixes. Dosem comes fresh from big releases for the likes of Intec Digital armed with an absolutely killer groove, laden with chugging sub bass and bouncy percussion. He teases the original’s soaring chord progression in and out of focus, making for a tensely contrasted version. Holland’s Egbert goes heavy on the cowbell and makes the most out of the original’s manifold refrains, extracting the maximum energy from the sounds therein and fusing them to a funk-fuelled groove that fans of Joris Voorn will likely appreciate. His remix builds pleasingly, utilising the original’s parts in gradual fashion to reach a fever pitch. Gary Beck has other ideas, however. He loops the riffs into submission, slowly building a steamroller of a groove that’s got pace and lots of classic techno weight. The cymbal rides are tough, the bass is murky and dark, and it’s one for those who likes things tough and heads-down.

  • Release Date:2013-04-08
  • Label:Great Stuff Recordings
  • Catalog No.:ALLE025
  • Genre / Style: Techno, Tech House
  • BPM:135 / 125 / 128 / 125