• Releasedate14.07.2008
  • Genre / Style Techno, Tech House
  • LabelBig In Ibiza
  • Catalog No.: 1954WABII

Since Mauro Picotto decided to launch his Electronic Music Lifestyle Party at the Miami Winter Music Conference (WMC) in 2002, the event has become a phenomenon, going from strength to strength, hosting nights all over the world and this year returning to Ibiza for its fifth successful year at Privilege, the World’s Biggest Club. Meganite is the full and complete representation of Mauro’s desires. It’s his people with his favourite DJs doing what they want to do, knowing it’s what the crowd wants too. This compilation represents just that, the music that makes Meganite, its DJs and Mauro Picotto so special. On this album we have a live mix of exclusive cuts culled from Mauro’s superb Alchemy label and a CD of mixes, remixes and new tracks from Mauro’s illustrious career. This is where Mauro is in 2008 and as ever it’s on the cutting edge of electronic wizardry fused with pulsating infectious gyrating badass grooves. Meganite and Megatunes, a perfect harmony. Mauro Picotto himself is one of those wandering entertainers who jumps on jets, arrives in some city anywhere on earth, plays 8 hours of unique, pulsating electronic grooves, parties and then jumps on another jet. He is the wandering minstrel of the 21st century. His name alone sends hordes of adoring fans into ecstasy. Having had an immensely successful DJing and production career with huge hits and headlining some of the world’s biggest events Mauro Picotto decided that he wanted to mould a whole event both visually and aurally by choosing the venues, the DJs and the production aesthetics. This goal became a reality when in 2004, Meganite found its home in Ibiza at Privilege. Debuting as a midweek party over the 10 busiest weeks, it was an instant success and every year since the night has become ever more legendary with the weekly number of clubbers well over 5,000. Having seen residents including Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Mistress Barbara, John Aquaviva and Marco Carola with Mauro himself supplying the unique vibe of fat bass and throbbing grooves that have characterized his career, the event returns to Ibiza this year for 16 weekly nights over the season, highlighted by Meganite’s 5th birthday which is set to be the event of the summer featuring a ‘Mega’ live show by Italian electronic music giants SUBSONICA, alongside Mauro and special guest Claudio Coccoluto.